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Unique, one of a kind jewelry creations in Titanium and Niobium
"Blue Targe"  Hammered and formed Niobium earrings. Welcome to Shimmering Dreams. My name is Michael Mara and I have been creating jewelry in various media for 35 years. The jewelry here is made from Titanium and Niobium, known as the Reactive metals, electrically colored (anodized) in a rainbow of subtle, vibrant hues. I make earrings, pendants, bracelets, ear cuffs, and pretty much anything your imagination can come up with. You can find what's currently available on the Available Jewelry page. To see what colors are available, click on the Colors link to the right. To learn more about these metals, click on the About the Metals link. Feel free to browse around the site, new work is posted regularly. If you have an idea for a special piece that you don't see and would like created just for you, let's talk. You may contact me at I also have a limited number of Sculptures available, in other metals, mostly steel and copper.
"I got a pair of beautiful blue earrings from Steph up here in Washington, they are incredible, thanks for making them just for ME!! I will definitely suggest your work to friends!" ~ Carol P.




About the Metals





An article about my Anodized Niobium jewelry work, published in the November issue of Lapidary Journal / Jewelry Artist magazine. You can click on the thumbnails below, to see some full size photos of the magazine.
You can order your copy of the magazine by clicking on this link:


To arrange a purchase, contact me at

Now offering on a limited basis, the class "Painting with Electricity".

I am located in Berthoud, CO, about 50 miles N of Denver, and have started accepting students on a limited basis. I call the class "Painting with Electricity" and that is exactly what you will experience. Whether you have jewelry experience or not doesn't matter. I will lead you through texturing, forming, and Anodizing Niobium. The class is limited to one or two students at a time, to ensure personal instruction, and runs 4 hours. I generally offer the class on Saturdays or Sundays, although other days can be arranged. You will leave with one or two pair of Anodized Niobium earrings (retail value $90) that you completely created yourself. Classes are $195, including materials fees. To schedule a class, contact me at

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