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Radharc Custom Knives - My knife creations
Metcalfe Roush Forge & Design - Fine ornamental ironwork
Alex in Welderland's Custom Pet Urns - A Special Place for a Special Pet
Warren Townsend, a talented sculptor in Michigan
Ken Wolfe, Custom Knifemaker
Prairie Art Metal - Custom Creations in Metal, Glass, and Wood
Handmade, one of a kind knives by Adlai Stein
Bruce Paul Fink - Sculptor, Artist, Fascinating character     bpfink
Peter Fels and Phoebe Palmer, unique Artists
Primal Fires, an online forum for knifemakers and enthusiasts     Primal Fires
Adam Alante - Recreations of historical African edged weaponry
Metal Artist Forum - A place for sharing metal arts of all kinds
Chris Bridgland, an Australian Artist and friend (RIP)
Rocio Heredia - Metalsmith, Chasing and Repousse
Music, poetry, and art by Cassandra Fink
The Ganoksin Project - Jewelry Manufacturing Methods and Techniques
Jim Hrisoulas - Author, Bladesmith, and a personal inspiration     Salamander Armory
Steve Shelby -A very talented metal artist
Artmetal, a site for metal artisans, information, and community
Hammering out a living - Brad Severtson's blog about metal art     Hammering Out A Living






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